Meditation Now: Inner Peace through Inner Wisdom (S.N. Goenka North American Tour 2002)
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Tour Itinerary

Mr. and Mrs. Goenka will travel across the United States and Canada in a motorhome, stopping at over 35 cities and the seven Vipassana meditation centers under his guidance. Click on a link or the location spot on the map to find out the details.


Vipassana centers: British Columbia  . California . Massachusetts . Quebec . Texas . Washington
East: Boston . Charlotte . Lenox . New York . Northampton . Pennsylvania
Midwest: Chicago . Colorado . MadisonMissoula . St Paul
South: Alabama . Atlanta . Texas
West: Ashland . Fresno . Northern California  . Pacific Northwest . SF Bay Area . Southern California
Canada: Alberta . British Columbia . Montreal . Ottawa . Toronto

List of Locations in Chronological Order