Meditation Now: Inner Peace through Inner Wisdom (S.N. Goenka North American Tour 2002)
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Press Coverage about S.N. Goenka and
 Vipassana Meditation

Millennium World Peace Summit
Aug 2000
Universal Spirituality for Peace
The complete text of the address given by Mr. S.N. Goenka on Tuesday, 29 August 2000 in the United Nations General Assembly Hall to the participants of the Millennium World Peace Summit.
Shambala Sun Online
Sep 2001
The Universal Technique Of S.N. Goenka
S.N. Goenka was interviewed by Zen teacher and poet Norman Fischer.
Winter 2000
An interview with S.N. Goenka on the techniques of Buddhist Practice
S.N. Goenka was interviewed by Helen Tworkov.
SF Weekly
Dec 2000
Hard Labor
Can an ancient, intense form of meditation improve life for the inmates?
Shambala Sun Online
Sep 2001
A Serious Operation on the Mind
Los Angeles Times
Dec 2001
Meditation Camp: 11 Days to an Enlightened You
Personal experience of  LA Times reporter.
SF Weekly
Feb 2001
Transcendental Incarceration
The first San Bruno Jail inmates to take part in an experimental meditation program say it has helped to free their minds, if nothing else.